Inclusion and Disability

The Challenge

Paralympian Maddie Thompson

Team GB Paralympian Maddie Thompson

To build on the legacy of the Paralympic games and the example of athletes like former Lady Manners student Maddie Thompson, who competed for Team GB at London 2012, to inspire students with special educational needs and physical disabilities and support them to make sport and physical activity a part of their everyday life.

The Solution

We have embraced the Derbyshire Competition PLUS calendar which mirrors the Paralympic games and extends sporting opportunities to youngsters with disabilities.

We also work with students to forge links with local clubs, coaches and communities.
We help train and educate young leaders and PE staff about the needs of sen and disabled students to help make them an integral part of the school community, separate from their able-bodied peers.

The Results

This term the SSP have run four Inclusion / disability events for infant, primary and secondary aged pupils involving 16 school teams. that means 148 children with disabilities or special educational needs have taken part.

Lady Manners’ SSCo Jayne Roach says:  “It’s great for the whole school that the kids with special educational needs can get involved.  And it’s good for the other kids to see that they can take part.  My leaders get a massive amount from it – to have that empathy for the children that do struggle.”

EllieMay_boccia RDSSP“I’ve only recently begun to get involved with our Special Educational Needs Department and speaking personally I’m amazed at the thrill I get helping put on events.  I didn’t realize how valuable it is.”

“Sometimes I feel we’re perhaps too protective and worry about embarrassing the children but they just want to take part and have a go. The 6th form Higher leaders, run an SEN club every Tuesday lunch time, it’s relaxed, fun and very well attended. At this we get to practice for pending competitions like boccia and  we’ve just entered a Sports Hall Plus Team to the Summer Games and for those kids who don’t usually get a chance to take part it will be a fabulous day.”

Joe Bell & HVC fencing clubAt Hope Valley College, SSCo Ruth Cook has worked with partially sighted student, Will Taylor, to revive the school fencing team.  Ruth Cook says:  “They all fence on a level playing field. Everyone’s got equal opportunities – that’s tremendously important.”

Will Taylor says, “Making sure that everyone is equal is an important thing…it shows no matter what your difficulty – if you’re physical impaired you can still give it a go and it doesn’t stop you.”

Bernie Hunter, Headteacher at Hope Valley College, adds, “When Will’s team mate Joe Bell is seen in the corridor and it’s clear to everyone that he is overcoming enormous obstacles to achieve, that’s got to have an inspirational spin-off for other youngsters who are too inclined to give in to the smallest obstacles.”  (Read more in En Garde, Derbyshire Life, May 2013).

Joe Bell RDSSP 2

Joe Bell (centre) from Hope Valley College

As part of our pre-Paralympic ‘Ignite’ programme, our young ambassadors attended a weekend ‘Projectability’ training course with 9 times Paralympic medallist swimmer, Martin Mansell, learning how both able bodied and disabled studen

ts can benefit from sports like modified hockey, goalball and seated volleyball.

The SSP also delivered training to PE staff leading to our young ambassadors running inter form and house competitions with each of our secondary school PE departments.

The Partnership will:
• Provide more modified sports and activities that enable students with special educational needs and physical disabilities to be fully involved in school sports.
• Raise awareness and understanding of their needs and abilities within the school community.
• Identify and support talented send students and create pathways for them to excel at their chosen sport.



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