Competitions and Festivals

The challenge

Emily Croft Lady Manners Indiv Yr 7 Quad Kids Silver medalist RDSSP

Emily Croft, Lady Manners Individual Yr 7 Quad Kids Silver medalist, Derbyshire School Games

Providing high quality sporting opportunities and competitions for schools spread across a large rural area, some with fewer than 20 pupils, often lacking even basic sporting facilities like playing fields.

The solution

Based in secondary hub schools our SSCos work together with their primary school clusters, to coordinate an annual calendar festivals and competitions in a wide variety of sports.

Many of these events are linked to the Derbyshire School Games with cluster winners progressing to SSP finals and onto County and even sometimes regional and National Finals.

We also organise less formal tournaments and festivals. Our Ashbourne cluster has 19 different schools and runs three different leagues for small, medium and larger schools. Hartington and Biggin Primaries have just 16 and 19 pupils respectively and play together as Team ‘BigHarts’.

Anthony Gell SSCo Helen Greer says:  “It definitely benefits children to experience playing competitive sport.  It motivates them to up their game.  The teams that win are of course thrilled but all the children who play in a tournament love it.”

Cameron Orr (14), national ranking mountain biker from Anthony Gell agrees:  “The main thing is having fun and enjoying it, but I do like to do well and doing a competition shows how much you’ve improved and what you got to do to get better.”

The Results

Here are just a few of our highlights from the past year:

WinterGamesDales_overall_winners In July’s Derbyshire School Games 9 teams of 75 pupils won two Golds (Osmaston Primary in Tri Golf and Lady Manners in cricket); two Silvers (Osmaston in mini-tennis, Lady Manners in QuadKids); and two Bronze medals (Lady Manners in SportsHall Athletics Plus and HVC in Boccia Plus). Anthony Gell’s Boccia team won a special ‘Spirit of the Games’ awards.

• Lady Manners achieved an unprecedented first by becoming County Champions in rugby in every age group from Year 7-13.

• Darley Dale Primary won both the mixed Kwik Cricket and Girls’ Kwik Cricket competitions and went through county finals Derbyshire County Cricket Ground.
Bamford Primary School Football team RDSSP
• Bamford Primary were crowned County Champions in the Small Schools football.

Headteacher Neil Hobson said: “I’m so incredibly proud of the children. We are a tiny school with limited facilities but we work hard to foster a love of sport. The team really gave this everything they’ve got & I’m pleased to see it paid off. They’ve worked hard & deserve the success”.

The Partnership will:

• Consult schools to plan and deliver high quality competitions and festivals that are appropriate for the age and ability of pupils.
• Continue to train young sports leaders to coach, marshal and officiate at competitions, developing leadership skills, self esteem and confidence and to act as positive role models for their peers.


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