Our background

During 2011/2012 a County PE and School Sport Strategy Group was established with representatives from schools, colleges, School Sport Partnerships, Derbyshire County Council, Derby City Council, Derbyshire Sport, the Derbyshire Schools’ Sports Association and some of the governing bodies of sport.

All of these bodies have a part to play in shaping sport in the County and making sure Derbyshire strives to provide and deliver a comprehensive plan that is robust and sustainable.

The Physical Education and Sport Plan for Schools and Colleges in Derbyshire 2012-2015  is endorsed by Ian Thomas, Director of Education for Derbyshire County Council.

All 10 School Sport Partnerships have signed up to the plan and its success will be judged by performance against seven key indicators. Information for many of the indicators wil be gathered through a countywide PE & School Sport Survey.

The seven key indicators refer to the following categories:

•    Physical Education

•    Competition

•    Leadership & Volunteering

•    Club & Community Links

•    Talent Identification and Development

•    Physical Activity

•    Governance & Funding & Communications

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