Case Study: Cyclist Cameron

Cameron Orr Mountain Biking

Cameron Orr Mountain Biking

14 year old Cameron Orr from Anthony Gell is a keen cyclist.  He’s currently ranked third nationally in Under 14s mountain biking and has been selected for the Olympic Talent Programme.  He also competes in road races at national level and rides for his local club, Matlock Cycling.

A talented all-rounder Cameron also runs, swims and plays golf. As a Young Leader he helps teach at Bonsall Primary.  He has also attended an RDSSP Gifted and Talented Camp.

His 11 year old brother Reuben has just been selected to play for Chesterfield FC and will be moving up from Bonsall Primary to Anthony Gell next year.

Mum, Kay Orr said, “It’s been great that he’s had the opportunity to play sports at Anthony Gell.  Channelling his energy purposefully and allowing him to make friends that are on the same wave-length has been good for him.  He told me that one of the best things has been the Young Leaders Club.  Mrs [Tessa] Mitchell [Anthony Gell SSCo, currently on maternity] helped him engage with different age groups to help nurture them with their sports and bring the best out in them.  It’s given Cameron a sense of confidence.”

Cameron Orr on attack“He’s a real all-rounder.  As well as mountain biking and cyclo-cross he swims and runs as well and even has been asked to do javelin.  It’s great that he’s able to put all those skills to use with the younger children.”

Janice [Price, RDSSP Partnership Manager] said:  “Cameron is so bubbly and friendly.  When you’re at a competition you see what a huge responsibility it is with so many different sports and what a massive effort Janice and Mrs [Helen] Greer [Anthony Gell SSCo] put in.  You see their dedication.  That’s great if you’ve got a sporty kid like Cameron.  It teaches them a lot of responsibility.”

Cameron Orr said, “I like teaching the younger kids new skills and trying to get them to become better at what they want to do.  The last session we did was multi-skills for the infant school.  My friend and I came up with a new game which we called ‘Ball-Feel’ with four teams doing relay to get their ball in the others’ hoops.  It was quite competitive but the more they did it, the easier it became.  I’ve also helped the primaries with the cross country and taught Tri-Golf.”

“I like competitions but the main thing is having fun and enjoying it.  But I do like to do well and doing a competition shows how much you’ve improved and what you got to do to get better.”