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Year 3/4 Mini Tennis

Our annual Year 3/4 Mini Red Tennis tournament had 6 teams enter this year, doubling last years competition size. We had two teams from Osmaston (who have represented Rural Derbyshire at the School Games for the past couple of years), two teams from Turnditch, All Saints Juniors and Kniveton.

Straight from the start there was lot’s of great tennis on show for all to see with Turnditch A beating Kniveton in the first match. The closest match of the tournament came a little later when Kniveton managed to beat Osmaston B by 21-17, securing them a place in the semi final.

By the end of the pool matches four teams had secured their places in the semi finals. Turnditch A faced All Saints in the first semi final of the tournament and Osmaston A faced Kniveton in the second semi final.

Semi Final Results

Semi Final 1: Turnditch 38 – All Saints 15

Semi Final 2: Kniveton 15 – Osmaston 33

The 3/4th place playoff was between Kniveton and All Saints who looked evenly matched going into their final game, with both teams managing to score 15 points in the semi finals. This game proved to be more rewarding for both teams as Kniveton recorded 17 points, unfortunately for Kniveton though All Saints turned on the style and scored 29 points meaning they finished 3rd.

The Final game of the day. Turnditch A vs Osmaston A. The games started and it was clear to see why these two teams had made it to the final.  Throughout the final there were some excellent rallies and a real show of respect as players clapped and complimented each other on their points. The scores were in, Osmaston had managed to limit Turnditch to 30 points, the least that they had scored all tournament but Turnditch had also managed to limit Osmaston to even fewer with them scoring 21 points, also their lowest of the tournament.

Meaning this years trophy went back with Turnditch CofE Primary School. The final job of the day was to award the spirit of the games trophy. With so many teams showing huge amounts of respect, passion, determination, honesty and team work throughout it was a very tough decision that wasn’t decided until the very end of the day. As we packed away the equipment and proceeded to move into the minor hall for the presentation there was one young boy that stood out, he opened the door and without being asked continued to hold it open for all students, parents, teachers and young volunteers as they walked through, making my very difficult decision a lot easier! It was for this reason that Spirit of The Games trophy went to Kniveton CofE Primary School.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all the parents and teachers who helped our young leaders umpire the games and also to the schools and parents that helped to supply the equipment, we couldn’t have ran such a successful competition with out you all.


Year 5/6 Sportshall Athletics

This years sportshall athletics competition took place at Highfields School, Matlock. It was the first year that we had decided to run both a small schools and a big schools competition. This resulted in a very busy afternoon! We had 8 small schools and 4 big schools taking part meaning we had over 150 young athletes engaged in this fast paced competition.

In the big schools competition we had Wirksworth Juniors, Parkside Juniors, All Saints Juniors and St Josephs competing for this years trophy and for qualification into the county finals. In the small schools competition we had Baslow, Bamford, Lea, Longstone, Osmaston A&B, South Darley and Turnditch.

The competition was very close throughout with no clear winners on the track or field events. By the end everybody was very excited to find out who the winners were.


Big Schools:

1st All Saints Juniors

2nd Parkside Juniors

3rd Wirksworth Juniors

4th St Josephs

Small Schools:

1st Longstone

2nd Osmaston A

3rd Baslow St Annes

4th Turnditch

5th Lea

6th Bamford

7th South Darley

8th Osmaston B

Congratulations to all the teams for making it to the SSP Finals and good luck to our winners who will now represent Rural Derbyshire at the county finals.

SSP Tag Rugby Finals

Our annual tag rugby tournament may have changed venues this year, but it was as successful as ever. Lady Manners School located in Bakewell provided the perfect venue for our frosty afternoon of Tag Rugby. Not only did they provide the facilities but they also provided a group of fantastic young officials as well as some spectacular views.

Nine teams from across Rural Derbyshire competed for two hours to win the trophy (and to keep warm) with teams playing 8 matches each. The games exploded into life from the starting whistle with 23 tries being scored in the first round of games! The tries didn’t slow down either, with every game showcasing some amazing end to end rugby.

Despite the cold weather everything went according to plan, thanks to the hard work of everybody involved. One Headteacher said “it was extremely well organised, ran to time and the referees all knew what they were doing and stuck to the same rules! Staff felt it was a very positive experience and thoroughly enjoyable.”

At the end of all the games the players formed a tunnel and clapped the sports leaders through to say thank you for being so friendly, polite and professional at all times. By the end the temperature had plummeted a few more degrees so we quickly moved onto the competition results and the spirit of the games results.

9th place – Bonsall

8th place – Osmaston

7th place – Hulland  (Spirit of the Games winners)

6th place – Bradwell

5th place – Longstone B

4th place – Longstone A

3rd place – All Saints

2nd place – Lea

1st place – Turnditch

We would like to congratulate all the teams for taking part and say a huge thank you to Lady Manners for the fantastic leaders.


SSP Results


1st Osmaston

2nd Longstone

3rd Lea

Spirit Of The Games  Turnditch

Mini Soccer (Small schools)

1st Hathersage

2nd Longstone

3rd St Josephs

Spirit Of The Games  Baslow

Mini Soccer (Big Schools)

1ST All Saints

2nd Parkside & Wirksworth Juniors

3rd Wirksworth Juniors B

Mini Soccer (Girls)

1st Parkside

2nd Osmaston

3rd Lea & Osmaston B

Spirit Of The Games  Lea

Cross Country

Boys Individual                 Girls Individual

1st Ellis Cameron               1st Olivia Allen

2nd Jake Walklett               2nd Fion Patton

3rd Jack Bullock                  3rd Freya Lester

Boys Team                          Girls Team

1st QEGS                              1st Highfields

2nd Highfields                     2nd QEGS

3rd Anthony Gell                3rd Bakewell

Tag Rugby

1st Turnditch

2nd Lea

3rd All Saints

Spirit of the Games Hulland

SSP Cross Country

The top 10 boys and the top 10 girls from each cluster were invited to compete at this years SSP Cross Country final at Ashbourne Recreation Ground. With 50 children competing in each race it was clearly going to be a very tough race to win.

This years SSP Cross Country finals fell on Saturday 5th November, the night after Ashbournes fireworks display. As we arrived at 7:00am we soon realised that it wasn’t just the young athletes that were going to be racing that morning, we had our own race on our hands. With bin bags at the ready we soon got to work clearing the area of as much of the rubbish as possible, luckily for us it wasn’t too long until the council arrived to lend a hand and they soon had it cleared.

Once all the young athletes had arrived it was time for them to walk the course with their team managers. This years course was slightly longer than last years, measuring 1800m, which included a rather steep hill that had to be over come twice on the two lap race. Not too long after they started their warm ups ready for the first race. The races were over before we knew it with all the runners completing the challenging course in under 10 minutes.

There were too many stand out performances to write about them all but every single runner did extremely well and should be very proud of what they have achieved. Some notable performances included Ellis Camerons run away performance in the boys race finishing in a comfortable first place, Freya Lester who finished third in the girls race despite being in year 5. Maisy Austin who finished in 6th place in the Anthony Gell Cluster event managed to finish 3rd out of her cluster and 20th overall showing great passion and determination throughout.

Boys Top Ten                                                                Girls Top Ten

1st Ellis Cameron                                                            1st Olivia Allen

2nd Jake Walklett                                                            2nd Fion Patton

3rd Jack Bullock                                                               3rd Freya Lester

4th Oliver Blunt                                                               4th Lauren Lindridge

5th Harry Houghton                                                       5th Ella Bennet

6th Noah Humphreys                                                    6th Charlotte Stayland

7th Charlie Finney                                                          7th Amber Wood

8th Thomas Mason                                                        8th Ellie Belbin

9th Isaac Woolford                                                         9th Lucy Newberry

10th Olli Cormack                                                           10th Georgina Lane

Boys Team Results                                                       Girls Team Results

1st QEGS Cluster                                                              1st Highfields Cluster

2nd Highfields Cluster                                                    2nd QEGS Cluster

3rd Anthony Gell Cluster                                               3rd Bakewell Cluster


Sportshall Athletics

This years Sportshall Athletics Final proved to be one of the best. The top two teams from each cluster were invited to compete head to head to see who would be crowned this years Rural Derbyshire School Sports Partnerships Champions!

The first of the relay races took part and there was already clear signs this was going to be a tight competition with Osmaston Primary School and Lea Primary School  timing well in their heat and Turnditch Primary School looking the fastest in their Heat.

As the Relays went on the field events started and the talent on display was clear to see from the start. There were some great bounces, jumps and throws for all to see however it was Turnditch who set down the early marker by registering some huge scores on the standing triple jump and the speed bounce.

As the races and field events continued Turnditch, Lea, Clifton, Osmaston and Longstone had started to widen the gap and things had become very tense when we reached the last race. The 4:1 relay was the last race to be completed and all the teams were ready to give one last push to help their school achieve the highest possible score. The first heat was over in a flash with a winning time of 56 seconds! Now it was time to see if the schools in the second heat could compete with that time. Turnditch took an early lead in the race with a great start from their first runner and after that they never looked like losing but the real question was, could they beat 56 seconds? 40 seconds gone and 1 lap left, their last runner crossed the line with a time of 54 seconds!

The results for the competition were as follows:

8th St Josephs

7th Crich Carr/Bamford

6th Baslow St Annes

5th Longstone

4th Osmaston

3rd Clifton

2nd Lea

1st Turnditch

Congratulation to Turnditch who went on to represent Rural Derbyshire at the county competition and placed 2nd!