Mini Leader Training

The Mini Leader training is a programme aimed at year 5/6’s who show a passion for leadership in sport. It is a great way to improve children’s confidence skills as well as their organisational  skills. The mini leader training lasts for 2 hours with the first hour aimed at the theory side of being a mini leader and the second hour is aimed at the practical side.

St Annes CofE Primary School, Baslow, are the latest school to partake in the mini leader training. Their year 6 pupils were trained up at the start of the academic year in order to prepare them for the challenges of becoming a Mini Leader.

They took part in a range of activities and challenges to prepare them for their role as a Mini Leader including: workshops on what makes a good leader; scenario cards;  game planning and  game and activity analysis. As a Mini leader they will be expected to plan and run playtime and lunchtime games for the younger students, to do this they will need to work with the Midday supervisors to plan their activities.

On returning a month later I was able to observe the Mini Leaders running their practical sessions for the reception, year 1 and year 2 students. The Mini Leaders said “Since becoming a Mini Leader our confidence has grown and we have improved our leadership skills whilst also getting to know the younger students better.”

When asked what their favourite parts of being a mini leader was their replies were all very similar as they all agreed that helping the younger students to play together nicely was the best part.

If you’re a school that have bought into the RDSSP then why not book some Mini Leader Training for your year 5/6’s? 100% of the mini leaders would suggest this programme to other schools as its “Great for your confidence and gets everyone involved in activities they love to do.”

To find out more about this scheme please email James Bates



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