Sportshall Athletics

This years Sportshall Athletics Final proved to be one of the best. The top two teams from each cluster were invited to compete head to head to see who would be crowned this years Rural Derbyshire School Sports Partnerships Champions!

The first of the relay races took part and there was already clear signs this was going to be a tight competition with Osmaston Primary School and Lea Primary School  timing well in their heat and Turnditch Primary School looking the fastest in their Heat.

As the Relays went on the field events started and the talent on display was clear to see from the start. There were some great bounces, jumps and throws for all to see however it was Turnditch who set down the early marker by registering some huge scores on the standing triple jump and the speed bounce.

As the races and field events continued Turnditch, Lea, Clifton, Osmaston and Longstone had started to widen the gap and things had become very tense when we reached the last race. The 4:1 relay was the last race to be completed and all the teams were ready to give one last push to help their school achieve the highest possible score. The first heat was over in a flash with a winning time of 56 seconds! Now it was time to see if the schools in the second heat could compete with that time. Turnditch took an early lead in the race with a great start from their first runner and after that they never looked like losing but the real question was, could they beat 56 seconds? 40 seconds gone and 1 lap left, their last runner crossed the line with a time of 54 seconds!

The results for the competition were as follows:

8th St Josephs

7th Crich Carr/Bamford

6th Baslow St Annes

5th Longstone

4th Osmaston

3rd Clifton

2nd Lea

1st Turnditch

Congratulation to Turnditch who went on to represent Rural Derbyshire at the county competition and placed 2nd!