Youngsters in Great Longstone are health champions


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Students at Longstone C of E Primary School are working together to develop sporting and PE opportunities for their peers after being inspired at a Change4Life event in Matlock.

Jack , Atticus, Jenalla and Clementine, all 10 years old, host a special Tigers Club during their lunchtime to help other students gain confidence and have fun whilst taking part in sport.

The sessions are a result of the four youngsters attending a Change4Life Health Champions event hosted by Highfields students in Matlock back in February this year.

The children learnt about the importance of keeping fit and eating well and took part in activities and games throughout the day before making pledges to their Head Teachers to develop sporting opportunities and healthy eating programmes in their schools.

Jack, Atticus, Jenalla and Clementine decided to set up the lunchtime club for youngsters who lacked in confidence during PE lessons and for those who wanted to gain more skills in activities including throwing, shooting, jumping, skipping and catching.

Jack said: “Not many people get the opportunity to do leadership stuff like this and it is great fun, I really enjoying hosting the club.”

Atticus said: “I think the children who take part enjoy the new activities and fun events they get to do during the club.”

Jenalla said: “I was inspired at the event in Matlock because I learnt that it is great to teach children new skills. I also learnt to be grateful for what we have as not many people get opportunities like this and it is really good fun!”

Clementine said: “I enjoy seeing all the children really happy and enjoying themselves. Some of the people that take part aren’t really confident in sport and I like to see them develop and improve and enjoy it.”

PE Teacher, Linzi Gaywood said: “The Tigers Club starts in September with around eight to 12 students who we target to up-skill and extend their sporting goals. Also if there are any new children to the school, they come along to make friends. We then develop and change the club size depending on students in school at the time and what their needs are. This year it’s grown from 10 students to around 20 children and it includes all ages and abilities.”

“The youngsters who run the club are so enthusiast, they are just phenomenal. They love to design new and exciting activities for the other children to participate in each lunch time. They are always keen and eager to be involved, getting equipment out and putting it away and engaging with the children, they are brilliant.”

“The Change4Life conference in Matlock was wonderful. It enlightened the children and gave them ideas as to what they could achieve within their own school environment. They took part in some exciting activities, experienced lots of discussion work and were enthralled by guest speakers including World Inline Skater Champion, Jenna Downing, who were inspirational.”


Harvey, 9, said: “I like all the activities we do here and it’s really fun.”

Miles, 9, said: “I like coming to Tigers Club because it keeps me fit and healthy and makes me confident in all sports.”

Noah, 8, said: “Tigers Club is fun at playtimes because sometimes there isn’t much to do. Mrs Gaywood helps the four leaders during the club and she is a good teacher – I enjoy being with her. My favourite activity is tiggy toilet flush – when you get caught you have to stand like a toilet and if you get flushed you can carry on again!”

Harry, 9, commented: “It keeps me sporty and it keeps me entertained.”

Tazmin, 9, added: “It is fun and all the activities you get to do are really good. I like playing French cricket.”

Tom, 8, commented: “I like sports a lot and I love taking part with my friends. The leaders who take care of us are really nice.”

Joshua, 8, added: “I like doing the sports and I like the leaders who teach us. I enjoy jumping, throwing and doing the games.”

Miles, 8, said: “I like the activities they are really fun and the teachers are really fun too! Mrs Gaywood supports the leaders when they run the club and she has got a happy face all the time – she’s a very good sportsman.”

Sarah, 10, said: “I like Tigers because it’s fun and the leaders alongside Mrs Gaywood never let you down.”

Sophie, 9, said: “The club is great fun and it’s something to enjoy at lunchtimes.”

Chloe, 9, said: “It’s exciting and fun.”

Finn, 9, said: “You can do all sorts of different things and it’s really exciting because you don’t know what you’re going to do next.”

Stephanie, 8, said: “My brother used to come to the club and he said it was really good so I wanted to join to see what it is like, and it’s really fun.”

Toby, 8, said: “I like having fun and being with my friends.”

 Karl, 8, said: “Most of my friends come to Tigers Club and there are lots of fun sports to take part in.”

Rufus, 9, said: “I like Tigers Club because it keeps you fit and I have lots of fun.”

Noah, 7, said: “I love all of the activities and I like the leaders too they are really good.”