Team spirit is the big winner in Bakewell

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Students from Queen Elizabeth Grammar School in Ashbourne are celebrating after coming first in the RDSSP Quad Kids event in Bakewell.

The sporting occasion took place at Lady Manners School on Wednesday 24 June and saw ten teams come together from the host school as well as Highfields in Matlock and Ashbourne’s QEGS.

Each team was made up of students from each school, with everyone taking their turn to compete in a 100m run, an 800m run, the long jump and the vortex howler. Student’s times and measurements were recorded with the top scores of each team tallied up to reveal the winner.

QEGS youngsters were victorious with other students quick to offer their congratulations. Team spirit and camaraderie between school groups was definitely the biggest triumph of the whole event.

Lady Manners pupil, Felicity Stokes, 11, said: “The atmosphere is really good, it’s great to take part in sport alongside other schools, I love long jump and sprinting.”

Fellow student, Leah Shinwell, 12, said: “I like athletics and days like this, taking part in competitions, because it brings us together with the wider community and we’re all competitive but we all support each other and we’re all friendly.”

Highfields student, Burton Ball, 12, said: “I have enjoyed the running a lot as I didn’t feel a lot of pressure like I usually do at other competitions.”

Friend, Sam Eyre, 12, commented: “It’s not stressful, you don’t feel under pressure to win and it’s a nice competitive atmosphere. None of the other teams laugh at you if you don’t throw it very far or you’re not very fast.”

QEGS student, Emily White, 11, said: “It’s great to get together with other schools and be active together.”

Team mate, Bethany Clues, 12, added: “I like meeting new friends from new schools and I love the team work and taking part.”

RDSSP Manager, Janice Price said: “Hearing the young people’s lovely comments just goes to show what wonderful sports they all are and how it’s not all about winning; it’s the taking part that counts. I am really humbled to hear some of the things the students were saying; the RDSSP’s motto, ‘Advance, Achieve, Aspire’ sums up our ambition to encourage young people to push themselves, support each other and lead by example, and I think this vision has truly been achieved here. My congratulations go out to QEGS students but also to everyone for taking part and showing such fantastic and inspiring sportsmanship.”