Winster youngsters take dinosaur strides as they try out balance biking

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Young children at Winster CE Primary School have enjoyed an afternoon of dinosaur striding and gliding as they had a go at balance biking with the RDSSP.

Partnership Manager, Janice Price, hosted an Early Rider training session for Reception age and Key Stage One pupils on Tuesday 23 June.

Early Rider training is offered free to all RDSSP affiliated infant schools and for a small fee to other schools. It sees children learn how to master using a bike without pedals, developing skills including balance, coordination, navigation and concentration.

Once children feel confident using balance bikes, they can go on to complete Bikeability training with the RDSSP – something which the older children in Winster have had a go at.

Head Teacher, Sharon Slack said: “This training is vital in developing children’s gross motor skills and it is fantastic as it is offered as part of the RDSSP programme making it convenient and affordable for rural schools like Winster.”

Teacher, Tamzin Hoe who accompanied the children during their training said: “It has been nice to see the youngster’s balance improve throughout the session, from start to finish they have all developed confidence and enjoyed learning more about balance.”

“Most of the children live in and around the village and there are some great bike ride routes in the area so I hope this training will encourage them to get out and about with their families to enjoy cycling.”

Students Liam and Ellie agreed their favourite part of the training was manoeuvring around the obstacle course.

Bethany and Jessica enjoyed learning more about gliding on their bikes, whilst Kevin liked gliding in a curved line.

Reception class pupil, Keeley commented: “I liked doing big dinosaur steps on my bike.”

To find out more about Early Rider and Bikeability training including costs and booking it at your school, contact Eliot on: