It’s a balancing act for students in Grindleford

Children at Grindleford Primary School have risen to the challenge of learning a ‘fundamental life skill’ thanks to the RDSSP.

Youngsters enjoyed Early Rider balance bike training with RDSSP Management Assistant, Eliot Martin-French on Monday 15 June in their school playground.

Early Rider training is offered free to all RDSSP affiliated infant schools and for a small fee to other schools. It sees children learn how to master using a bike without pedals, developing skills including balance, coordination, navigation and concentration.

Once children feel confident using balance bikes, they can go on to complete Bikeability training with the RDSSP, giving youngsters the skills and confidence to cycle in modern conditions.

Eliot said: “Cycling is a fundamental life skill and balance is used in many sports, so if children can ride a bike, they can apply their training to anything in life. The Early Rider scheme teaches children to stay upright and find a point of balance, to make it much easier for them when they move onto a normal pedal bike.”

Teaching Assistant for Class One at Grindleford Primary School, Katie Adlington said: “Not all of the children have the opportunity to get out and do it as part of family life so it’s great that we are able to give them the chance to enjoy it. The skills they learn in these sessions really help the children with their cycling development but also in other activities including PE lessons.”

“We had a couple of youngsters who didn’t really want to do the training today, they were quite scared, but once they had a go they really got on with it. It helps because the session is held in a group and this encourages the children to enjoy the sport alongside their friends and they progress together. It is also great to have Eliot here as he really knows what he is doing and the children have a lot of respect for him.”

Head Teacher, Leonie Hill said: “This is the first time we’ve had Early Rider training at the school and it’s awesome. I do worry about the state of the roads around our little village because they are very busy and dangerous, so it is fantastic for the children to pick up cycling training and for me to know they are learning vital skills. As a school we just haven’t got the resources to host these sorts of training sessions ourselves, so it’s great that being a member of the RDSSP allows us to put them on for our youngsters to enjoy.”

To find out more about the Early Rider scheme as part of the RDSSP contact Eliot on: