The RDSSP Apprentices – You’re Hired!

The Rural Derbyshire School Sport Partnership is proud to be working with Sporting Futures to create apprenticeships for promising young sports leaders.  This term we’ve taken on three 17 year olds – Sam May, James Bates and Andy Brough.

Andy Brough, a platinum Young Leader and member of Highfields’ Sports Leadership Adademy, who was recently highly commended for his volunteering work at the Derbyshire School Sports Association Awards, gives his initial impressions.

And Rural Derbyshire School Sport Partnership Management Assistant, Eliot Martin-French, quizzes James and Sam in more detail.

Andy Brough (right) with volleyballer Maria Bertelli & Sam May at School Games

Andy Brough (right) with volleyballer Maria Bertelli & Sam May at School Games

Andy: My first week was wonderful but a little bit bizarre.  Going from being a student at Highfields to staff is very weird but everyone has been great and I am really enjoying it.

I help out in many different PE lessons for different year groups so I get a chance to see lots of students. it was a slow start to the year but things are kicking off now with clubs starting and Sportsleaders about to begin we will soon be fully underway. I have been doing lots of different things from teaching and playing new sports to creating new display boards.

We had a great day at our induction with Sporting Futures to properly get our course started and understand what we have to do. It was great to see Jill and Tom from Sporting Futures to see how we are doing and make sure we are okay.  They were also very interested in how the School Games went. I am looking forward t the rest of my year here at Highfields.

RDSSP Apprentice Sam May

RDSSP Apprentice Sam May

Sam:  I am placed with the RDSSP at Anthony Gell for 2 days a week plus one day at Wirksworth Infants and one day at Wirksworth C of E Infants as well.

James: I’ve been posted at the RDSSP as well as Turnditch Primary School for a day a week and Middleton Primary School for a day a week.

What attracted you to the role?

Sam: It was a really good stepping stone from the sports leadership I was doing at Highfields previously and I thought it would benefit me a lot in the future as well.

James: It was mainly the experience I can gain from it was very enticing. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do since I was young, teaching sport to other kids to motivate them to be the best that they can be.

What do you expect to gain from your placements?

Sam: With infants it’s a new experience because I haven’t worked with children of that age before and I feel I can use my knowledge to help build and improve their skills.

With the secondary I feel quite confident with them and I can use my knowledge to help but up their characteristics in sports.

Apprentices RDSSP James BatesJames: From the primary schools I want to gain the experience of having an impact on the children – helping them to get better and be more confident at sport and at secondary I’d like to get a bit more knowledge of behind-the-scenes, organising competitions and how it’s all done.

What other attributes can you bring to the role?

Sam: I’m quite confident because I used to do Drama at A level and GCSE and so I feel that being able to express myself will help me keep lessons more interesting.

James: My greatest attribute is my enthusiasm but I’m also punctual, hard-working and knowledgeable about a lot of sports because I did leadership qualifications at Highfields when I was at secondary school.

How are you finding the transition from classroom to staff room?

Sam: Quite easy because I feel I’ve got that responsibility now and I feel I’ve got to maintain that level of professionalism.

James: It was difficult at first but as the weeks have gone on it’s become a bit easier.  I still find it hard to control a class of kids if they are being a bit disobedient but in small groups I’m confident.

Can you describe your role in 3 words?

Sam: Different, enjoyable and challenging.

James: Different, exciting and hilarious.

Would you recommend the apprenticeship?

Sam: Yes because I feel it can benefit you more than A levels in some ways, giving you options and more opportunities like coaching and teaching but also coaching qualifications. For example I’ve just done my Level 1 Football and I’m about to do my Level 1 Table Tennis coaching – both of which I’ve been able to do through doing this RDSSP apprenticeship. They are my two favourite sports but any coaching would be really beneficial as well.

James: I definitely would.  It’s a great route to take if you want to go into this as a career instead of taking A-levels because a lot of universities and jobs look for experience.

Hopefully I can get a career in this sort of job which is what I really want to do and maybe go to university and get a teaching degree to teach primary or secondary school.  I’ve not quite decided yet.